Biggest Car Production Companies in the World

  1. Toyota Motor Fleet– With a unit sales of 10.2 million and the 330,000 number of employees working, Toyota motors is the largest car production company in the world. It produced more than 10 million cars since its incorporation in 1937, when it was founded by Kiichiro Toyota. The company is head quartered in Japan and produces automobiles, luxury vehicles, commercial vehicles and engines.
  2. Volkswagen Group- One of the toughest competitor for the top spot as a car production company, Volkswagen has a unit sales of 10.1 million and the number of employees work for the group 592,586. However the sales of the Volkswagen group have been at a low rate since 2014, despite the 5.9% gain in overall industry sales. Despite its defeat against Toyota for the top spot, Volkswagen still remains to be the top car brand chose in the Europe.
  3. General Motors- Originated in United States of America, General motors has sold more than 9.92 million cars. The company is hires 216,000 employees. The company has four different brands for automotive production. The giant has recently extended to several parts of the world. Even with a decline in the world revenue, the car company has seen a rise in the profits of the company,Australian-Car-Brands-Logo
  4. Renault- Nissan Alliance- Originated in France and Japan respectively, the alliance has unit sales of 8.47 million. The alliance has 450,000 employees. This partnership has increased the global vehicles by 2.5%. The alliance gained high popularity in the Europe and Renault has seen its profits rise by 86%.
  5. Hyundai Motor Group- The Hyundai Motor Group is originated from South Korea. It has unit sales in 7.71 million and the number employees under the Hyundai organization are 249,366.
  6. Ford Motor- Originated in United States of America, Ford motors has a consistent winning streak since 2013. The unit sales of the company are 6.32 million with 224,000 employees. Europe is Ford Motor’s target matter and are staying alert, vigilant and hardworking to ensure the most efficient global performance. In the recent years, the company saw a rise in the profits of the company.
  7. Fiat-Chrysler- Originated in Itlay, United States of America, the Fiat-Chrysler has made unit sales of 4.75 million. Fiat is infamous for the record breaking $105 million for failing to fulfil 23 safety measures in more than 11 million vehicles. Fiat- Chrysler had to buy back the cars that do not fulfil the safety measures and make amends.
  8. Honda Motor- Originated in Japan, Honda Motors is one of the biggest car production companies. The unit sales of the company are 4.36 million and the number of employees hired in 199,368.


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