History of the IMM

The IMM originated in 1978 in Germany when it started as a small 3 day camping event during  Whitsun weekend.  After several years its popularity had grown, and the event had started attracting visitors from outside Germany too.  This resulted in an international event, which now takes place in a different country each year, but still over Whitsun weekend.  Every 5 years IMM takes place in England and the event is then held around the Mini’s birthday in August.

Basically an IMM is all about socialising, meeting lots of other Mini enthusiasts, relaxing and just having fun. After you’ve met and spoken with lots of others, bought all the parts your precious vehicle needs to become even more beautiful and had some fun, the IMM closes with a ceremony on Sunday night. During this ceremony awards are presented and the IMM key is handed over to the club that will organise the event the following year.