Top Auto Shows of all time

  1. Frankfurt Motor Show– Officially referred to as Automobil-Ausstellung, this show is declared as the king of car shows of all time. The auto show has been split into since 1991, one where in the even years commercial vehicles are put on display in Hanover, Germany and in the odd years passenger vehicles are exhibited. The origins of this car show can be traced back to the 1800s and has developed to become the best car show ever.
  2. Woodward Dream Cruise– This car show is a car lover’s paradise with more than 30,000 muscle cars and hot rods. The car shows has hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the world. The origins of this show could be traced back to 1848, when street racing used to happen where carriage drivers used to race on the streets. This trend has slowly turned into a car exhibition.
  3. Auto Shanghai– In recent times, China had become a vial target for the automobile industry and this can be said from the addiction to cars that the country has shown in the recent years. Shanghai Auto was started in the 1800s and is held every two years since then. This show is the main event for Western car companies as they come to showcase their creations to the Eastern market.
  4. International Geneva Motor show– Held in the city’s Palexpo complex, the International Geneva Motor show has become one of the main reasons for the city of Geneva being a meeting place for thousands of world affairs. The show witnesses millions of automotive enthusiasts to come and witness the greatest car creations in the world.
  5. Paris Motor Show– The Paris Motor Show is the first motor show to held ever in the world and is one of the major events where car companies come to show off their most innovative and latest designs to the world. The first Paris Motor Shows to be ever held was in the year 1898 and is being held every year since then.
  6. Pebble Beach Car week– Considered as one of the biggest rallies in the world, the Pebble Beach Car Week is held in California with several events happening such as auctions, cocktail hours and vehicle exhibition. The Pebble Beach Car witnesses thousands of  millionares and luxury car owners from around the world and these cars are auctioned off for millions dollars throughout the week.
  7. Goodwood Festival of Speed– This car show is held every year in West Sussex, England for three days in the summer months. The festival attracts more than 100,000 crowds of car enthusiasts. The festival is held in the Goodwood estate grounds and features several events and attractions.

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