Top 10 cars of all time

  1. Buggati Veyron– Produced in the year 005, Veyron stands to be the top car of all time. The car is assembled in Molsheim, France. The car has a mid-boggling horsepower of 1000-1184 and the highest speed of this car is 267.8mph. Buggati Veyron was the result of constant creative thinking and dreaming by the chairman of Volkswagen, Ferdinand Piech. The car was the fastest street legal car for some time after its production and has named car of the decade by Top-Gear a BBC program.
  2. Porsche 918 Spyder– This car is produced between the years 2013-2015 and assembled in Stuttgart, Germany. It has the brake horsepower of 608-767 and its recorded top speed is 210mph. This car is considered as the best production from Porsche and they believe that the car can take the technical capabilities of hybrid to the limits of what is possible. The Spyder has 4.6 litre V8 engine and has the high horsepower of 887 when boosted with two electric motors.                                                                                                 
  3. Corvette Stingray (C7)– The production of the Stingray started in the year 2013 in Kentucky, USA and is still in production. This the seventh generation of Corvette owned by Chevrolet. The car has a horse power of 460 and the highest speed is 195mph.The car is unique with its light-weight aluminium frame, and carbon panels.
  4. Audi Quattro– Produced in the year 1980-1991, this beauty was assembled in Ingolstadt, Germany. The car has the horsepower ranging between 197 in the Original Quattro to 591 in the Sport Quattro. This car is considered as one of the most iconic cars in the World Rally Championship of all time. The car could reach 60mph speed in just 4.8 seconds.
  5. AC Shelby Cobra– The Cobra was produced from the year 1962-1969 in California, USA. There were only 998 AC Shelby Cobras ever. The Cobra had a horsepower of 425-485 and its top speed recorded was 164mph and had a Ford V8 engine.
  6. Ferrari LaFerrari– Assembled in Maranello, Italy, the car’s production started in 2013 and continues till today. The car has a V8 engine with 9000 RPM; this car is declared as one of the best cars Ferrari has ever made. The car has a horsepower of 789-963 and the highest speed of the car is 217mph.
  7. Mercedes-Benz 300SL– This vintage classic’s racing model was produced between 1952-1953 and its production car version was produced in between 1954-1963. The car is a beauty with the horsepower of 212 and its top speed recorded was 160mph. The car has a revolutionary design, something that has inspired a whole new generation of cars. This car is considered as the first ever super car.


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